My Identity Documents

My Identity

My Identity, or MI (pronounced "me"), is a method for capturing, storing and validating information that makes you you. It is an open source project, using the power of the blockchain, for ensuring every digital transaction you participate in only carries the information necessary to complete the transaction. Each token is unique, immutable, and when used to exchange information, becomes a smart contract between the two parties.


Once you have loaded the documents you have entered into the My Identity application, take these documents to your local notary public, so they may verify the document saved is a true and legal representation of the original document.

My Identity (MI) Token

You entered your documents into the application and had them notarized. You are now able to mint the tokens you will use for all your digital transactions.

Federal, State and Local Elections

You are now able to mint your MI. The basic MI token identifies you as a citizen of the country your voting in, and also the address (precinct) in which you're voting in. They don't need your name, address, documents. Your MI is simply all you need to cast your votes.

Monetization of MI

Companies you visit for your online shopping take that information for products you "viewed" and with your name send that to their marketing mix partners. You're a new dad and buy diapers, Annheuser Busch just got your name and contact data. The store you shopped at got paid for collecting that data. Don't you want a portion?

Surfing the Web

Every keystroke is captured, every site visited recorded and that data may even be captured on your digital assistant. Fortunately, when you visit a site, and they ask you for your information, use your MI instead of information that can personally identify you. Give them the MI you are willing to sell, and they are willing to buy. Or, stay as anonymous as you wish.

Proof of Ownership

Proof of ownership, using your MI, your notarized documents stored in a smart contract. Immutable! Deeds, titles, medical information, and you are the only one with the keys.