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My Digital Personal Privacy Protection

Using the power of Blockchain to protect your digital privacy.

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Focused On Your Personal Privacy in an Online World!

You wonder why suddenly you are getting bombarded from travel agency ads when you did a simple Google search for flights to Belize.  You also wonder, when purchasing products on Amazon that your transaction is really secure.   You may also wish  when Amazon shares your product searches with other companies that you could get a piece (in currency) of that knowledge share.   Finally, isn’t there a digital method to securely vote in elections?  That reality is coming soon.   Through the use of blockchain technology, which securely and immutably tracks all sorts of transactions, you can change the way we interact in the digital world, and maintain as much privacy as we desire.

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Earn While You Search - Soon

The power of blockchain.   Now you can securely interact with your favorite websites while keeping your privacy intact.   

Secure Voting

Casting your vote, as a citizen within the precinct, for your candidate while maintaining your anonymity.

My Identity - my token

Your identity, once notarized, becomes a digital non fungible token. Like money, the value of your token becomes more valuable the more information your willing to share.

Participate in Polls

Provide your responses to pollsters' questions while only divulging as much private information as you desire.

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Passive income

Like music or art, your identity has value. The more you are willing to share about yourself, the higher the value. But if your vendor shares your token, you will receive a royalty as if you were selling your music.

Token is MI

Use your token as proof of identity. No longer will you have to share personal information with vendors. If they don't accept your token, don't give them your business.

Digitally secure

Your proof of identity (birth certificate, passport, driver's license, etc.) is stored securely on the blockchain. Once notarized, your My Identity token is generated. From there the world's your oyster.

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What Sets Us Apart

Ethereum and Cardano Blockchain

Proof of Stake is the most economical means of transacting business in the crypto world. It is also highly secure.

Your Digital NFT - MI

My Identity - The digital NFT token created when your digital data is notarized. It starts with your name and your proof of citizenship (birth certificate, passport, other government approved document.).

Privacy Application

Enter your personal data into the blockchain application. Upload certified copies of your documents. Once completed, take your documents to a notary and they will verify your images. Your MI token will be created and only you will have access to your unencrypted digital documents.

Passive Income

You've got your MI issued! You can use this as your starting point. Add value by creating higher MI denominations. If you wish to share your name, address and all the products you search for on Amazon, you may wish to create a MI-A (My Identity - All). Set your price and then whenever Amazon sends that to their suppliers, you get Ada in your wallet.

Proof of Residence

This provides Secretaries of State proof that the MI token provided for a given ballot was for a voter living within the prescribed precinct.

Proof of Citizenship

The basic premise of your identity, your citizenship. With this your right to vote is secured, and you can trust that your vote won't be canceled by someone without proof of citizenship.

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